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Hi! I'm a former science teacher, now working from home.

Hey there! 

Hey, I’m Brittany and not that long ago, I was a teacher just like you. I was burned out, tired, and knew that there had to be more out there — more than spending the entire day indoors under florescent lights. More than a meager pay that didn’t leave much room for vacations or out-to-eats. I knew there had to be more. So I looked into the work-at-home world and while I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I knew that I wanted to work from home and have more freedom with my time and the ability to earn more based on my hard work. 


Today I’m a former science teacher turned six-figure freelancer and entrepreneur working from home full-time. I’m an advocate for the hard working action-takers and difference-makers who call themselves teachers. I spend my day working on funnels and copy while teaching other educators how to build a successful side hustle to replace your full-time teaching income within 12-24 months.

I talk passionately and at length about my love for dogs, my husband, and how to earn more while still making a difference. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and a difference to make. I believe that anything is possible with enough time, practice, and patience. 

Contact Me

Click here to contact me or email me at: Brittany [AT] mylifeafterteaching.com.